A Bomb in Pforzheim

Category: This is My Life

Weighing in at 250 kg, with 150 kg of explosive material was found buried in the middle of downtown Pforzheim (about 20 miles from here) this weekend. According to the radio reports the authorities had already covered it with a huge, thick metal container and it was under constant watch. The bomb squad was due to arrive Sunday morning at 8:00 am to disarm it, and anyone living within a half a kilometer would be evacuated before they began at 11:00. The procedure was expected to take approximately 4 hours.

Should the bomb squad not be successful in their efforts, the blast would be felt within the radius of .5 km, and shrapnel could cause damage within a radius of 1.5 km.

Where could such a bomb come from? How did it get buried in the center of a large and busy city? Who would do such a thing? …and, why??

During WWII 250 million tons of bombs were dropped on Germany. Experts estimate that up to 15% of them are buried here, unexploded, today. Usually they are uncovered during building construction and it happens often enough that vast majority them don’t even make the news.

Today is Monday, and all is quiet on the Western Front - but it’s food for thought, in today’s world, that the bombs we drop now may still be around to haunt the hearts of our grandchildren.

Fifty-seven years is still not long enough to clean up after a war.