Gran's Scrapbook

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Sorry my contribution to Gran’s scrapbook is arriving so late…

The story?? It goes something like this…

I have a wonderful couple of evenings shortly after I get the e-mail from Cat. I am sorting photos, searching the best, the funniest, the most relevant. Scanning, sizing, importing… There are not very many, because I had to leave most in KC when I moved here.


First, my printer tells me it needs color ink. Ok Baby, can do. I order color ink.

Three days later it arrives and I open the cover to replace the cartridge. A little piece of plastic springs out of the printer aimed directly at my nose. Directly after which, the piece which holds the black toner in place falls on the floor.

Hmmm - I call HP and they promise to send me a replacement printer right away. “It’ll be there tomorrow.” Sure.

Three tomorrows and 2 phone calls later – the next printer arrives. I install my toner cartridges, turn it on and make some tests, looks ok.

Insert photo paper – blue streaks in black and white photos. <sigh> Make adjustments - try again. More blue streaks. Make more adjustments - try again. Blue photo.

Hmmm - you don’t need color ink? You need black ink? It was a bad translation??

I order black ink.

Three days later it arrives, I remove the new color cartridge (scavenge the old one from under a huge pile of papers on my desk) install the new black cartridge and the old color one – make some tests, looks ok.

Insert photo paper – blue streaks in black and white photos. <ach, nein> Make some adjustments, and insert more photo paper – only to find that I have five pages of photos…and four pieces of paper.

That was this morning – it’s Tuesday. I am sending what I have coaxed out of my printer and a cd with the original scans (as .jpg format) as well as the Corel Draw 10 file I used to print – I suspect now that the blue (and yellow, I see too - how charming.) streaks are connected to Corel’s printer driver. Unfortunately, I don’t have any more paper to print directly from Photoshop.

Good luck, girls! I hope my package arrives on Saturday, but the way this whole project has gone so far, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out you got it on the 9th of December.

Murphy is my best friend these days.