The Elevator Doors Open

Category: This is My Life

and I, watching carefully where I place my feet see immediately a pair of knees waiting for the elevator to arrive. “Don’t forget the salad, Nancy. Don’t forget the salad”. Glancing up quickly I greet the face belonging to the knees, and scan the floor again for little pieces of dust or paper waiting to trip me up on my way to LeoCenter.

Argh! “Danger, Will Robinson!” Four huge bags of vegetables! The knees move to the side to make room for me to exit the elevator, and two hands begin collecting the handles to the bags.

“Which of my neighbors have bought such a selection of veggies?? Look how lovely they are!” Sorted by color and type, in large clear plastic bags - red and gold peppers together with zucchini and tomatoes, in the middle of winter! Carrots, chinese cabbage and a gigantic cauliflower. Wonderful dusty potatoes, onions, both red and white. Oranges, apples, pears, kiwis, and lemons.

A feast for the eyes

Curiosity wins out. I stop my feet and look up directly into the dear face of my friend and catalog partner Conny who has come to surprise and delight. I begin to think that she is incapable of doing otherwise - her nature simply requires that she spread goodwill wherever she goes.

Photo my me, veggies from Conny and my helper, Gagi

You see how rich we are (and how much help I had making photos)? All of us - you and I, rich like kings in the very ways which a king seldom if ever can be. Our friends, with their kind hearts and gentle souls, they who treasure the joy they give us - as a gift we give to them.

Liebe Conny? Ich bin sehr stoltz dir als Fruendin zu bezeichnen zu koennen.