Hi Kids I'm Back

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I haven’t much to say about the events in the world-at-large… Anybody who knows me - knows my thoughts on the matters at hand. Anybody who doesn’t know me, knows enough other people to have probably heard their share of opinions.

“Be nice to each other” is not such an original thought … I know my mother had it already - and yours probably did too.

“Share please, girls.”

That said, I have decided to play around with the advice in my horoscope, extending the already-week-long mass-media (TV/radio) blackout in the house to include all Internet news, editorial and OP blogs for the next 96 hours.

Yep, you got it. …coming up next we have our ongoing, practically live coverage of

“Ninety-Six Hours!
Mauses - Embedded In Real Life”.

If a bomb goes off in the Stadtpark, I’ll tell you all about it…

…but first, I’m going swimming…

Tja, So Much For Swimming

I forgot. Friday evening at the pool – swim club. Oh soooo many kids, and laughter, and waiting parents, and flipping towels, and dozens of little wet-heads doing the bob-bob breaststroke up and down the pool.

I went shopping….

A List of Things I Didn’t Buy

  • A copy of “Die Glut” by Sandor Marai – It was the book-of-the-month for the reading group at Guardian Online I found 3 copies in e-bay, I’ll try for those first.
  • A binary desk clock at Think Geek.
  • A chocolate ice cream cone at Stefanello’s – cause it’s too close to dinner time…

Speaking of which… we’re talking yummy leftover spaghetti and a wonderful french red wine to go with a German movie (“Nackt”) on DVD.