SWR3 WebRadio

Category: For My Sisters

Hey Lil Sissy - wanna listen to the radio with me? SWR3 is on the web (and has been for years, I was just too much of a loser to think of posting it here) . So, here’s how you do it - go here.

Just below the first paragraph on the page you will see SWR3 live bitte hier einschalten (translation: SWR3 live - turn it on here). The word “einschalten” has a grey background - click on it, and you’ll get a pop-up window.

It’s asking you if you want to use Real Player or Windows Media Stream to listen? The first section gives you information about whether either of these choices are installed (in dem browserfenster) as a plugin to your browser, or (in externen player abspielen) as independent software on your machine.

Click on the Real Player or Windows Media symbol which represents your choice – > in browser / external player.

Then you get information over the currently playing song with album cover art etc. See that dark blue horizontal stripe with EINSCHALTEN written in red? Click on it. In the popup box, answer “open with the default application” and in just a minute or so you should hear, our local German radio station!!

So, just to give you a little bit of information (and because SWR3 has done a super cool job with their online streaming) … In the popup window where you clicked EINSCHALTEN, are some other choices too…

  • Laufender Titel: What’s playing now.
  • Eben bei SWR3: The last 13 songs played.
  • Musik Recherche: Playlist with exact times for the last 14 days –> click on the date, choose the hour, and click on the black arrows. Handy if you want to know what the name of that song was you heard in the car on your way to work last Tuesday.
  • Nachrichten: News –> in german

Sometimes, I listen to the super hip beach grooves from BondiFM in Australia too…