Sundays Serendipity Surf

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Sunday morning, early, the coffee is brewing and smells heavenly, I sit down at my computer to enjoy a luxurious Serendipity Surf. That’s what I call it when, without thought or wish I click on an indecipherable link in my bookmarks - I have lots - just to see where what interested me yesterday, will take me today.

I found: - An appalling article in The Guardian about the conditions for women in Bagdad. This article leaves me wanting to ask President Bush just what he means when he says “Things may be better in Iraq than you think.” - While clicking around The Guardian, I found a wonderful interview with Bob Geldof. Oh he is one cool dude. - On to Spiegel Online - and an article (in german) entitled (translated) Patching Shuttles with a Wal-Mart-Brush. This article is all about how NASA Engineers have found out that those little foam paint brushes that you can buy at Walmart for 49¢ are ideal for applying certain types of two-component glue to repair small holes in the heat shield of a space shuttle. I searched Google News for an English version of this story for ya’ll, but drew only blanks using search terms “NASA” “Walmart”. The only close match was this one. It uses the same (ap) photo, but says nothing about Walmart. Could it be because of this? Who’da thunk it - Wamart has donated $841,000 to various political candidates so far in the 2003-2004 election cycle. A dubious 1st. - On the lighter side, but equally important - I also found a recipe for making my very own GoonGoo.

Isn’t the web a wonderful place? Speaking of which, sorry that I had to shut down the comments around here - seems some Icelandic chick thought the Magical Mystery Maus was the perfect venue for advertising her porn site. She never even asked me. Humpf.

I added some photos to my gallery. If you don’t have a login and want one - just write to me. If I know you - I’ll be happy to send you one. If I don’t know you, then you’ll probably have to make do without. I’m a little bit shy that way.

Here the sun is shining and it is a lovely Autumn day - enjoy your Sunday, folks.