Category: This Is My Life

About 9:20 p.m. the doorbells all over our floor began ringing, and the foyer was filled with “shhhh” and lots of giggles. I opened the door to pumpkins, vampires, skeletons, all milling about out there. A rather small, unidentifiable, two-legged, wide-eyed, orange critter planted himself on my doormat, held out his bag and said “Sweet or Sour!” - with the emphasis on sour.

Goodness, were they sweet.

I emptied Jens’ stash of Knoppers into a box (good luck for me - bad luck for Jens), one of the older kids counted out six and put them in the Orange Critter’s bag. “Good Night! THANKS!” they said, and turned to my poor neighbor who was standing dangerously confused in his doorway.

Oh, I felt sorry for him. If he had only known that this year would be different from last year (and the 937 years before that) I am sure he would have had a bountiful display of goodies. He is a kind-hearted soul and the oldest of the kids was explaining, but I could see that it was a difficult situation all the way around. Na, it takes a bit to train adults, luckily the kids have patience, a hopeful outlook… and next year, at their disposal!

Two minutes later, my doorbell rings again. There stands a middle-sized FairyPumpkin who gives me back one of the six Knoppers, explaining that they are only five kiddos, and then glancing about to see that we are alone, she quickly shoves a half-frozen Rum-Stolen at me. “Here, and this is a gift for you!” she says before running to join her siblings on the open elevator.

See, I told you my neighbor has a good heart. I’ll bet next year he has a basket full of candy too.