There Was Never Any Need...

Category: Writing

…to thank me.” she said as she waved at the parting taxi before turning to face the child. “After all, you were the one who tied those magnificient knots in your shoes. That was where the beauty of accomplishment lay, not the untying.”

Laura cocked her head to the side and considered the truth in that statement. The lady was right, and the knots were beautiful. Those particular knots showed what would happen if two octopuses were to Tango to Fats Domino. Laura fancied herself the world’s preeminent Knot Enhanceress and in that capacity she felt it her duty to add a twist and a tie to her shoelaces when no one was looking.

As far as she could tell, adults never considered what might happen, how it might look if two octopusses were to Tango to Fats. “Someone should be thinking about this stuff” she muttered as she began by holding the ends of her shoelaces like octopus arms. She was surprised to learn upon experimentation that they would get so tangled up the left one wouldn’t be able to tell himself from his partner, much less finish walking to the store.

She was sure that this was an important discovery.

Her mother did not agree. Nor did her father or her sisters all of whom seemed bent of keeping her from her life’s work. “Laura! Stop it!” they cried each time they caught her lagging behind or bent with one knee on the sidewalk. Once she slipped away at the grocery store and tied knots in all the shoestrings on aisle fifteen. She had to work fast, and it took several trips that busy day while her Mom chatted with the butcher, or considered the quality of this lettuce over that one.

She was proud of her success on that mission, and checked each time they went back to the store to see if anyone had undone her work. Luckily aisle fifteen was also the aisle with laundry detergent, fabric softener and that lemon stuff her mom used to clean the coffee machine once a month so she was able to keep an eye on her finished business without anyone catching on.

Thanks to Sarah Salway for today’s writing prompt.