She Suddenly Seemed Smaller...

Category: Writing

“Smaller! That was it, she suddenly seemed smaller. I was horrified. I was absolutely horrified that I had said it. I shouldn’t have, and I didn’t mean to. It was an accident . I wasn’t thinking. I never meant for her to know. All I said was: “That’s right, I remember now, we were on the Cote d’Azur the whole month of June 2005.” Damn. I never meant to tell her. Really, it’s none of her business where I am every moment of the day. It’s just a pity. She thought I was ill the whole time he was in the hospital. Thank heavens for cell phones.

“Cell phones?”

Damn straight, cell phones. It cost me a bundle to call her every day - got that? Every single day. From my cell phone - in France. I told her that Greg forgot to give me the regular phone on his way to the office.”

“Every morning?”

“Yes, smarty pants, every morning. You can’t honestly expect that we would cancel our trip to France? God knows how long we’d been looking forward to it. We get away seldom enough. Once or twice a year at the most, and the deposit was already non-refundable when he went into the hospital. What were we to do? Please. It was a silly little lung infection and the doctors said he’d be out in no time. We crossed our fingers for luck and got in the car, of course. That is what any sane person would do. Did you know that it’s a long drive from here to St. Tropez? When we arrived, the sun was shining diamonds on the water and the harbor was full of yachts. You never saw so much money just floating around!

Hmmm? Well, golly gee whiz if you aren’t the one with a chic little Thinking Cap this morning. How could I have known that the Saab would crap out on us while we were there? It’s made that coughing choking noise for centuries. That it would roll all four in the air on the same day that Grandpa did is a pretty stupid coincidence in my book.

Yes, of course we would have come to the funereal if we had had enough money. I’ve told you am million times, our budget didn’t expect a holiday in the South of France and a new car too. Whose would? You know as well as anyone that we need a car living out here in the country like we do. Even if we lived in the city we’d have to drive to the country every day to look after the horses. And? How do you suppose we would have gotten home? We got a pretty good deal even though we weren’t able to bargin in French. The salesman took five percent off the sticker price and we were feeling lucky to find someone who could speak English. What a trip that was.”

Thanks to Sarah Salway for today’s writing prompt.