Let's Talk About the Truth

Category: Writing

The truth is, I don’t believe that any existence is arbitrary. You aren’t any accident. How could that be? If I read the signs right, you are the product of a moment of intense heat (wow.) and you came into being through a specific act that was a conscious decision your parents made.

Ok, maybe they did not decide to “make a baby” (I’m reasonably sure my folks didn’t) but they knew the risk they were taking. And will you just lookee here: skulking around behind *their* risk, was *your* chance!

And you took it! You grabbed it and ran!

Now, here you are! Triumphant! Brilliantly individually yourself and perfectly evolved to suit the world you live in for the time you are here. You are a wry combination of Mother Nature and the nature of your parents; propelled out of that very specific moment when one single egg, just hanging around whistled all sassy-like to the sweet little sperm swimming happily by. He turned his head to have a look-see and BAM! You, my dear were the one who had the tenacity to reach out and grab a hold of Life.

Good work, Dude.