Collected Stories : Graham Greene

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Short stories are bathtub work, and so this is a working post. I’ll add to it as I work my way through the book.

The Destructors

Dissect the word “destruct”, add one lonesome craftsman, a gang of twelve boys and the sentence:

There’s only things Blackie, and he looked around the room crowded with the unfamiliar shadows of half things, broken things, former things.

Graham Greene Collected Stories

and enter the author’s horrible, comic vision of unsocialized instinct running loose in the neighborhood.

Special Duties

William Ferraro foreshadows the latest financial crisis with his implicit assumption that a faulty execution does not necessarily mean The Plan is bad.

The Blue Film

A clever portrait of how the addition of one spot of information changes an entire relationship.

The Hint of an Explanation

A complicated story which to my eyes only hinted at what the author might have been trying to say. In the end the character motivations were unclear for me.

When Greek Meets Greek

He had really only meant to make conversation, but as soon as he had spoken the old two crooked minds began to move in harmony.

Graham Greene Collected Stories

Two old swindlers don’t see any harm in taking one another for a ride.

The stopped by mutual consent on the top step: they nosed towards each other like two old blind sharks who each believes that what stirs the water close to him is tasty meat.

Graham Greene Collected Stories

Busily circling one another, they don’t notice the next generation of beast swimming in their waters…