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Christmas is over, even here in Germany where we enjoy two “Christmas Days” one on the twenty-fifth and again on the twenty-sixth (der zweite Weihnachten), while all the world is moving on to Best-Of / Worst-of lists from 2011. The poor year will now be fileted like a fish and laid out bare of all it’s complicated structural bones for us to look back upon.

In the past, I couldn’t see much use in doing this. It seemed like so much was left outLi. “Little is remembered and much forgotten.” Who said that? Meanwhile, it seems to me that these lists, silly as they might be, actually have a powerful effect on binding our collective memory and play a role in choosing exactly which “little” will be remembered.

Ok, so I give in. Below are a few links that helped me in 2011, and which I would like to see added to the “little”. Thanks to everyone involved in making them. You have challenged and inspired me.

Steven Pressfield

He does it for me every time. I’m not what you would term “military type” but his metaphors speak to me in my struggles to free the artist inside. I have a copy of his book The War of Art and I return to it often.

Here are two of his Writing Wednesday articles that I particularly appreciated this year


Moonrat retired this year and stopped posting. I was sorry to see her go because she always made me feel like publishing is possible. She talked mostly about the business of publishing from the perspective of the Editorial Assistant and I’m hoping I can make use of at least some of her gold before the end of 2012.

Her site is still online and you can mine it for yourself here at: The Editorial Ass

Fear.Less Magazine

Click here.

Read it regularly, and don’t miss the archives, Folks.