Sip of Sunday Mocha Mix

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Yesterday I was sitting pretty in my everyday saddle, admiring the rakish tilt of my halo and telling myself how great it was that the holidays were over and bring on the salad and boy-oh-boy I couldn’t eat another cookie. Whew! Next thing I know I am prowling the kitchen for leftover crumbs. Truffles, cheesecake, craving chocolate, sugar, the familiar late-afternoon holiday caloric spin and release. All is lost, I am finished.

“A cup of hot chocolate might just do the trick without causing too much damage.”

I warmed the milk gently, stirred in the cocoa and watched it melt when all of a sudden one of those post-holiday guilt-attacks arrived on the scene screeching “Chocolate?? Enough sugar! Ack! What are you doing? Gack! It’s the third of January, already! Christmas is over! O-v-e-r! Are you crazy?”

I admit, I was impressed. And I was busted.

I stared at the steaming cocoa in my pot, blinked at the cup by the stove, and jumped on the first compromise that came to me. I’d add just little bit of sugar after I poured the cocoa in my cup, that way it would be more like drinking coffee, and less like, ummm slaking a craving.

Reaching for the sugar I wound up with the jar of instant coffee from this blow-me-away yummy black bean brownies recipe in my hand. I added a spoonful to my cup and followed it up with three of the tiniest grains of sugar in my sugar bowl. Really.

Then I tasted it and WOW! It was chocolaty. It was creamy. It had a hint of coffee and it wasn’t (hardly) sweet. It was a sip of lazy Sunday morning in the middle of the week. It was a snuggly-dark, stormy, chocolaty afternoon in front of the fire.

It has plagued my dreams. This afternoon I made it into a mix so all that yumminess is as easy as warming up the milk.

Sip of Sunday Mocha Mix

In a glass jar combine:

  • 4 parts instant coffee (cheap worked fine for me.)
  • 6 parts cocoa (use excellent quality - never skimp on the chocolate, sugar.)
  • 1 part sugar (the smallest part)

Now comes the easy part: put a heaping teaspoon of mocha mix in your mug, pour steaming milk over the top and stir.

Repair to the study with a good book and my compliments.