The Grandmother Gene

Category: To My Great Relief

I knew I was in trouble on the day I watched a little girl with wild brown hair, having recently conquered the left-foot-right-foot sequence for walking, working on the concept of velocity control. She was running often with her little torso far, way to far out in front of her feet. A little human Sedgeway. She was adorable and I could have watched her all afternoon, but as I went back to reading my book, I noticed for the first time ever, absolutely no desire to be wearing her mommy’s shoes. I looked up again, and there she was, cute as a bug, all four on the floor, smiling up at her mommy. I’m sure I never saw a sweeter child than that one, but I was content to order another cup of coffee and turn the page. What happened to me?

My grandmother gene kicked in. Since that day the kids are getting cuter and sweeter and I’ve never seen so many smart and beautiful children in all my life. Their parents are doing a wonderful job and I am free. Finally. Thank you, Father Time.

Desire is like that, live with it long enough, without satisfaction and it simply slides quietly away. Patience is the key.