DS106 Creativity and Digital Story Telling

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Digital Storytelling, otherwise known as DS106 is the online home for digital storytelling classes at several universities. The official classes are taken by official students for official credits. This does not stop the gatekeepers from acting on the well-known fact that divirsity in a creative environment is always good by opening up the assignments for anyone to do. The hashtags in their motto: #ds106 is #4life are tweetable, tumblable, bloggable.

Online means online

The daily challenges, sometimes writing but also video, audio and photographic challenges are posted at 10:00 am EST at the ds106 website. You register, do the exercises, and post’em. Then you go a’commentin. Keep up via twitter. It all looks like wonderful fun and I’m trying it. After all, I have to keep myself busy until ModPo begins again.

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