Mail Art - a Going Away Present

Category: The Artist In Me

This piece of mail art is intended as a going-away present, wrapping memories of living in Southern Germany in watery colors and fish.

My friend, the marine portraitist is leaving, moving away from this country where the largest body of water nearby is a bathtub. She will soon be living on a tropical island making fishy art and writing children’s books. I hope that, even as she is surrounded by sky and wind and water, she will remember with affection the time she spent living just over that hill right there. The one with the tower on it.

Inside the card is a little piece of Linden bark with a frog on it, and a beer coaster with a snail and three marks in black ink. The critters are sentimental and the beer coaster with the marks, practical: we use those marks to keep track of how many drinks we have ordered…

To create the various pieces I used quite a few found bits from the newspaper, some stickers that are part of an advertising campaing at a local grocery store, business cards from some favorite restaurants, etc. I attached the cutouts with gluestick and acrylic matte medium. In an effort to protect the artwork I coated it once with matte medium.

If I had it to do over again, I would only coat the envelope with the matte medium and leave the card it’s original form. Besides the change in “feel” of the paper, the small wrinkles which appeared in the inside of the card (most especially in the lower right-hand corner) came from the additional moisture in the matte medium coating and were not there before. Bad luck - but I learned somethin. Good luck, after all!